Can You Help?

Pennington Nursery

Pennington Memorial Hall Grounds
Telephone No: 01229 582212
Charity No: 1028638 Ofsted No: 317571

Dear Parents and Carers

Pennington Nursery is a non-profit making charity organisation and it is not always appreciated that it is not connected at all to Pennington Primary School situated nearby.  As such, the Nursery does not benefit from any external resources or funding, and relies entirely on its own efforts, charitable donations, etc.  Helping to provide new, up-to-date modern equipment in the classrooms would undoubtedly benefit all of the children.

We would therefore like to please ask for any help that you can give, whether it be in the form of donating a small prize towards a raffle, selling a few raffle tickets, or volunteering a little of your own valuable time to help out occasionally in the classrooms or contribute in some small way to any of the activities of events that may be decided upon over coming weeks and months.  If such as a Halloween Disco were to take place we would, of course, need a few willing volunteers to help organise and run such an event!  (And, don’t forget that cash donations by businesses are tax deductable!)

Any help at all would be very much appreciated, please speak to Tracy or Diane if you would be prepared to help in any way at all.

With thanks,