The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is primarily aimed at practitioners. The EYFS provides information on a child’s development, effective practice, examples of play activities to promote play and learning, guidance on planning and resourcing and meeting diverse needs. The framework also reflects the diversity of types of organised provision for children in this age group and recognises the importance of wider issues including equal opportunities and relationships with parents.

Nursery and Little Gems follow the framework EYFS which has been devised by the government to support children from 0-5 years. School will also follow this framework once the child has moved on to reception. We recognise the importance of providing children with the best standard of education which is appropriate to their age and stage. We also recognise that all children have individual needs and that their ways of learning differ. All planning is play based and differentiated to meet the individual needs and interests of each child in our care. We allow them to progress at their own pace and at all times following the framework of progression through the early learning goals.

Curriculum is simply a course of learning either formal or informal. The curriculum provides children with learning opportunities during their time in the group, through a wide range of appropriate activities and experiences.

We use Online Learning Journeys (Tapestry) and offer Home to School books to inform and record the observations of the children which are shared with parents on a regular basis by a key person who is chosen once the child is settled. Allowing the child to choose their own key person has proven to be an effective way of strengthening the relationships between the child, the setting and home.